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Julie Cash - Cream-Filled Whooty
CJ Woods - CJ's First XXX Scene
Kitana Flores - Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang
Marie Leone - The Sex Adventures Of Busty Marie
Chase - Mascot Goes For Five Fingers
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2014-Oct-3 14:30 - Julie Cash - Cream-Filled Whooty
Cream-Filled Whooty Cream-Filled Whooty

"Baby, I'm so horny," Julie says, waking our boy Lucas Stone from his nap. "Do you like this outfit? I got this for you."

Julie may have woken Lucas up, but it's a dream cum true. Julie's apple bottom, which measures in at 45 inches, looks ripe and ready to be bitten into.

"You know I love that ass, girl," he says as he slaps her ass.

"Smack it harder," Julie says after Lucas' first slap. "Make my ass jiggle."

Lucas always enjoys a challenge, and this whooty is his favorite kind. Lucas smacks her ass a little harder this time, sending ripples through her phat, vanilla trunk. That's just a little warm up, though. Soon, Lucas will have her entire body quivering as he slams his cock in and out of her pretty, pink cunt.

"I like it rough," Julie says.

Lucas always aims to please, but he's also a tease. He's going to make Julie wait a bit before he gives her his big, black cock.

He bends Julie over face down, ass up and eats her pussy from the back. Julie can only take this for so long before she needs his cock. She stuffs Lucas' schlong into her mouth, lubing it up for her now-dripping cunt. Lucas is still craving Julie's pussy juices, so he flips her around again and feasts on her pussy in a 69 position.

"Get on this dick," Lucas says eventually, and Julie hops on top.

We've seen dudes beast on some good pussy before, but Lucas takes it to another level here. Julie is riding Lucas cowgirl, and each time he thrusts his cock into her cunt sounds loud enough to break this chick in half. She's a trooper, though. She takes that black dick like a pro, and her screams grow louder with every plunge into her pussy.

You've got to fuck an ass like this from the back, too, so Lucas bends Julie over again face down, ass up. He then flips her over for a missionary style fuck before he finally drops his load inside her cunt.

"Aw, yeah," she says. "I like all that cum in my pretty pussy.

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2014-Oct-3 14:30 - CJ Woods - CJ's First XXX Scene
CJ's First XXX Scene CJ's First XXX Scene

Today's a big day. It's CJ Woods' first time ever having sex with a pro-cock on-camera. This blonde newcomer is brand-new to modeling.

CJ has a natural style about her and picked everything up fast. She has a definite aptitude for naked, hot modeling and big-tit sex action.

Her trainer and introduction to all the ins and outs is Tony D. who said CJ is a quick learner--from oral sex to tit-fucking and all that other good stuff.

"CJ was being herself, completely natural. It was like there was no camera in the room with us. She was unaware of it until the very end. I thought she was brilliant for a first-time model."

"After going solo at XL Girls, my favorite experience has to be this," said CJ, who looks forward to a return trip as soon as she can arrange it.

Thank you, CJ Woods!

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2014-Oct-3 14:30 - Kitana Flores - Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang
Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang

Kitana Flores is a South Beach lingerie and bikini model. She is known as the "Latin Barbie of South Beach" and drives male beachgoers insane with her hot body. You may have seen Kitana first in a SCORELAND BLOG video.

When she first began modeling, Kitana decided not to keep SCORE Men waiting for too long to see her jump on the pole. She drives in the fast lane and she fucks in the fast lane. But first, before she meets Dr. Wang and opens her lovely mouth for his tongue depressor, Kitana wants to put on a little show, a bra and panties modeling session.

As we've pointed out before, Kitana Flores is a smokin' hot Puerto Rican chick with a sexy bod, beautiful face and big, firm, young tits. Dr. Wang usually doesn't make house calls but he makes exceptions for girls who give great, sloppy blowjobs. Kitana wastes no time getting down to the base of his shaft and then onto some sizzling hot pole dancing.

The lucky bastard Largo gives her pointers a licking after she grinds down on his lap and gives him an ass dance. She unzips his pants and pulls them down for a world-class, sloppy blowjob--licking, sucking and kissing every inch while looking into the camera. Kitana suctions down to the root of his cock. She gets on her back to get her tits screwed, goes back to sucking, then more tit-fucking, then more eating cock while she spreads her pink open for the camera. She slides down his pole in a reverse cowgirl, and then cowgirl, position, looking at the camera with a "I wish this was your dick" expression.

Kitana's skill at fucking is really sextraordinary. She kicks off her shoes so she can get fucked from behind standing up, spreading her ass cheeks so we can see the cock penetrate her pussy. As a countdown to the pop-off, Kitana gets on her knees for her cum shower. Licking and sucking the cum-drained cock, she sneaks glances at the camera, proud of her accomplishment. Then she pops some of the goo in her mouth with her finger and proudly smiles into the camera.

And that's why your dad told you to become a porn performer instead of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. With chicks like Kitana doing porn, he was right. Kitana's scenes for SCORE, including her solos, are some of the all-time hottest.

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2014-Oct-3 14:30 - Marie Leone - The Sex Adventures Of Busty Marie
The Sex Adventures Of Busty Marie The Sex Adventures Of Busty Marie

Marie Leone is wearing a net dress over her bra and panties that looks like it would require a special permit to wear. We've seen this kind of dress in many catalogs but never worn by a model as stacked and as curvy as Marie.

JMac comes from behind to sample the tasty treats of this titillating temptress. He lifts up Marie's big 34J boobs by pulling up her dress and shakes her bronze bazooms, then pulls each tit out of the webbed garment. Lifting each massive breast up to her lips, he has Marie lick and suck her nipples.

Marie kneels on the couch as JMac whips his fuck-stick out, her giant gazongas out of her bra and dangling like two pendulous bell clappers. The sight of these chocolate whoppers hanging free is a mind-blowing image that burns into the brain of the dedicated breast-man.

The first thing Marie does is loudly spit several times on JMac's cock and rub the shaft and balls before lowering her mouth to suck on it. He spanks her fine, foxy whoopie-cakes and holds her neck with one hand, her wrist with his other hand as she blows him hands-free.

Marie's enormous tits demand a cock between them. She spits on his cock again and holds her titanic treasures together while it slides inside her cleavage canyon. Since her last visit to SCORE, Marie has become quite a spitter. After Marie's dugs are well-dicked, the couple stand. From behind her, JMac buries his cock into her tight, young cunt and jams her hard, building up speed. The room is filled with the sweet sounds of Marie's moans and cries, the sounds of a girl being pleasured and fucked hard and good. A standing fuck is a tricky position but Marie is in good hands.

It's only the first of many spectacular fucking positions Marie will enjoy in "The Sex Adventures Of Busty Marie," her hardcore encore at SCORELAND after nearly a year. Where will Marie get her promised load of man-spunk? Face, breasts, mouth, pussy?

Thank you, Marie Leone!

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2014-Oct-2 14:30 - Chase - Mascot Goes For Five Fingers
Mascot Goes For Five Fingers Mascot Goes For Five Fingers

You guys, we've got a new favorite girl here on NaughtyMag. Her name is Chase, and she's the perfect example of a homegrown, brand-new and corn-fed American girl. She was working as, get this, the girl in the bird outfit in front of Red Robin when she decided that minimum wage bullshit wasn't for her. If you ask us, it's a crime against mankind to keep her tight body hidden underneath all those feathers.

Anyway, we've got her very first scene here for you today, and we've got a big surprise for you. She's fascinated with the idea of fitting a whole fist into her tight, wet pussy. She can't do it yet, but she wants to show you how far she can go!

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2014-Oct-2 14:30 - Anna Beck - Beckoning Boobs
Beckoning Boobs Beckoning Boobs

When Anna's boobs beckon, you always answer the call. If you ask us, this Czech Republic G-cupper is pretty much the perfect woman. Fair-skinned, heavy-titted with seductive, intoxicating eyes, she can make your cock stiff with just a look into her eyes and a glance at her cleavage. When you have tits like Anna, few outfits can contain them and this lavender dress is definitely overmatched. Titan tits like Anna's need to breathe, so she quickly frees them from her dress and begins playing with them. Staring directly into the camera, Anna pinches and prods her nipples which begin to stiffen.

A body as glorious as Anna's can't be contained either. She pulls her dress off, revealing her smooth curves, milky white skin and plush rump. Anna is all-woman, but right now she's a girl having some naughty fun. Anna lays down on the nearby couch and teases the camera with her tits some more. And a girl needs her toys, so Anna pulls out her favorite: a big, brown dildo. Anna places the dildo on the coffee table adjacent to the couch. She then lowers her mouth down to the dildo and deep-throats it. At this point, Anna is teasing us and herself, and you can see the look of desire in her eye as she works that dildo with her mouth. When she finally slides her toy inside of her, Anna lets out a quiet, but intense moan. The moans grow with each stroke into her dripping-wet pussy and soon she pushes herself to an orgasm.

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2014-Oct-2 14:30 - Alexa Rae - A black cock creamsicle for Alexa Rae
A black cock creamsicle for Alexa Rae A black cock creamsicle for Alexa Rae

"I'm so fucking horny," Alexa Rae says at the start of this video. "Forget those younger girls. They have no idea what's coming next in their life."

Well, maybe. Most women never get as horny as 50-year-old Alexa Rae (and those who do fuck at

"I want this pussy filled with the biggest, hard cock I can get," she tells us. "Go inside this pussy so fuckin' deep."

Alexa Rae gets what she wants, and it's a big, black cock. The guy starts by sucking her big tits and erect nipples, then Alexa finds out if his cock fits inside her mouth. It's huge. Her mouth is small. It fits. Amazing how those things work.

Alexa gets fucked every which way by that big, hard, black cock, and she keeps up a steady stream of dirty fuck between orgasms, that is. When she's cumming, she's rendered a bit speechless. Meanwhile, the stud is fucking her pussy, and she's lying on her back with her hard nipples pointing to the ceiling, and then the stud cums inside her pussy. And she pushes out the cum so we can see her pink cunt and the cum dripping down to her asshole.

Like we said, we hope every 20-year-old girl grows up to be just like Alexa Rae. But it's just not gonna happen.

See More of Alexa Rae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Oct-2 14:30 - Liza Biggs - New Discovery!
New Discovery! New Discovery!

Get ready for a BIGG experience as SCORELAND introduces newcomer Liza Biggs. A sneak peek at Liza with Jenna Valentine in the girls' dressing room appeared in the SCORELAND Blog of September 20th.

Looking for a change, Liza shot and emailed some at-home nude snaps to someone who knew about SCORE. She's not one to procrastinate. She'd never heard of The SCORE Group and didn't know that magazines showcasing big-busted ladies existed. That person forwarded them to our studio staff who telephoned her immediately after seeing her photos and her 36JJJ-cups. Yes, triple-J. And it does run in the family. The term "big boobs" does not do Liza justice.

Liza loves sports and plays softball, golf, tennis, volleyball and raquetball. She also likes to surf. She watches basketball, football and Formula 1 racing. Her favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks. In her spare time, Liza likes to cook. She'll be making things very hot with this debut. Is boy-girl action in the cards?

Liza is not shy about her luscious dimensions in her day-to-day activities. "I wear low-cut shirts and tight clothing to show-off my body. I am very proud of my figure. I enjoy my boobs."

Liza also sat with a SCORE editor to talk about her background and her incredible bod in an exclusive video-chat.

See More of Liza Biggs at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Oct-1 14:30 - Annette Hotwife - Cum Slut
Cum Slut Cum Slut

Annette, a 48-year-old wife and mom from Las Vegas, returns, and she's looking great in a sexy, yellow dress. Annette says she loves cum.

"I love cum. In my mouth, on my face, in my hair, on my tits," she said. "I just like cum. I'm a cum girl. I'm a cum slut."

In this scene, after her stud has fucked her mouth and pussy, the cum ends up on her face.

"That cum is fuckin' sweet," she says as she rubs it in. "It's just what I needed today, cum all over my fuckin' face."

Annette is into a lot of things. "Soft bondage. Tie me up. I love men in uniform. That's a huge turn-on for me. And gang bangs."

Hey, we have an idea for a gang bang: Maybe all the members should come down to our studio and take turns fucking Annette!

Guess that's an idea for another day.

See More of Annette Hotwife at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Oct-1 14:30 - Kaylee Haze - Expert Cock Sucker
Expert Cock Sucker Expert Cock Sucker

Kaylee and her guy get right down to business in this video. There's no small talk or plot, just horny antics right from the get go. This guy is all over her like a wet towel, treating her to some nipple sucking and pussy licking. She loves it so much that she repays him with some excellent cock sucking. Kaylee goes deep on his thick rod until her eyes are watering and there's spit all over her face. When it comes to blow jobs, she's a champ who doesn't miss a beat the whole time. After a good five minutes of oral it's time to fuck. Kaylee mounts him with her tight pussy and bounces her tiny ass up and down. She rides for a while, then gets off to suck his cock some more, all with enthusiasm that isn't forced or contrived. That's the great thing about fucking teens--they have tons of energy. Kaylee is genuinely happy to fuck, and it shows.

See More of Kaylee Haze at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-30 14:30 - Dulcinea - Busty Masterpiece
Busty Masterpiece Busty Masterpiece

Prepare to go insane. Prepare to telephone work and call in sick so you can spend the afternoon checking out New Discovery Dulcinea. She has a fantastic body, a beautiful face and great big boobs.

Dulcinea will explain the source of her name if it's unfamiliar to you. "I have been told several times that I have a lovely name but oftentimes men do not approach me like that. I prefer to be hit on by women."

You know at first glance that Dulcinea gets a huge amount of attention wherever she goes.

"Especially at the gym! I feel so feminine and I'm able to offer people something that is really sexually exciting. I always wear a bra and two at the gym to keep them in good shape."

"My hobbies are art and design. In my spare time, I like to take and edit photos, work with graphic design, write and read."

Dulcinea was actually looking for a job behind the camera utilizing those skills but she's too special to not try modeling so she accepted XL Girls' invitation as she explains in this video. When it comes to treating models well during their stay, the XL Girls studio is far superior to any schlock imitators.

You will be seeing much more of Dulcinea and in boy-girl action, coming soon.

See More of Dulcinea at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-30 14:30 - Maserati - High Performance Headlights
High Performance Headlights High Performance Headlights

"Please try and book in Maserati again sometime; she is fabulous," wrote SC several months ago.

"I just hope for more Maserati in any way. She has a great set of tits and an ass you just wanna slap. Beautiful girl. Get her naked and in front of a camera anytime you can," wrote KD after SC.

Well, Maserati is back at SCORELAND after too long an absence and she's looking as big-busted and as sexy as ever. Maserati is up again for Best SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year. The contest will be heated as always with twelve talented ladies competing for that title.

In this fresh scene, Maserati shows again why she has one of the best pairs and hottest bodies in SCORELAND. And her piercing eyes will spellbind you.

See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-30 14:30 - Gia Giancarlo - Do You Like What You See?
Do You Like What You See? Do You Like What You See?

There is nothing like a woman in charge at the workplace. And Gia Giancarlo is a perfect candidate to be in charge because this cougar knows how to put a man in his place. She struts around in high heels and skirts, flexing her authoritative muscles and her calves in the faces of her subordinates. Why? Because she knows they need to be kept in line. So when she spies J Mac checking out her feet and legs, she knows that it is time to take this bad boy into her office for some disciplinary action.

See More of Gia Giancarlo at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-30 14:30 - SHERIDAN LOVE SPLAT MAT

Enjoy your go-to girl to your hard-on's desire with the Splat Mat. Printed on resilient vinyl, this life-sized, super-high quality photo of your favorite busty babe in her hottest pose puts her in your face and at your feet for hours of P.O.V. jacking pleasure. Choose from six sexy mats.


2014-Sep-30 14:30 - MERILYN SPLAT MAT

Enjoy your go-to girl to your hard-on's desire with the Splat Mat. Printed on resilient vinyl, this life-sized, super-high quality photo of your favorite busty babe in her hottest pose puts her in your face and at your feet for hours of P.O.V. jacking pleasure. Choose from six sexy mats.


2014-Sep-29 14:30 - Danica Danali - Lady In Red
Lady In Red Lady In Red

"I've been a naughty girl," Danica Danali says as this scene opens. "I should spank my ass...just a little bit."

Or a lot. Danica has a lot to love, and she's making direct deposits into our spank banks with each firm spank of her plush tush. Of course, this full-figured J-cup fox has been in our spank banks for some time now. She's been a mainstay in XL Girls magazine and for years now, and we'll never tire of watching her fondle those fun bags.

Danica's spanking leaves her with light red streaks in her creamy white booty. Even a naughty girl deserves some play time, and Danica's 38Js are perfect for play. After slipping off her sheer red outfit, she begins to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples.

"Let's do some more spanking," Danica says, her nipples now fully-erect.

Danica is getting herself very hot now, and she begins stroking her now-dripping pussy. She starts by diddling her clit, but soon she's fucking herself with her middle and ring fingers. She fucks herself harder and harder until she pushes herself to an orgasm.

"That was fun," she says coming down from her climax.

Naughty girls have the best type of fun.

See More of Danica Danali at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-28 14:30 - Emilia Boshe - Huge Jugs Of Germany
Huge Jugs Of Germany Huge Jugs Of Germany

It's been two years since SCORE headed to Germany to meet Emilia Boshe. Now the super "busen-star" is back for a new series of pictures and videos. Emilia's huge natural tits are mammary miracles and they seem to look even bigger.

Emilia plays breast bouncing games inside her hefty bra, then releases them to cream them with white lotion, first standing up, then getting on her back. The blonde bra-smasher rubs the cream in well until it's soaked into her breast flesh.

Emilia finishes her big tit show by swinging and shaking them in different positions. She is the very definition of the expression "brick house blonde." Getting hit in the head with those knockers might cause a concussion. Playing football with her is not advised. There are better, safer games to play with her.

See More of Emilia Boshe at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-27 14:30 - Sheridan Love - Great Big Boobs Of Love
Great Big Boobs Of Love Great Big Boobs Of Love

Sheridan Love shows once again why she's a SCORE magazine covergirl in this video and matching pictorial. We caught up with busy Sheridan for a chat. Check out a special Bonus scene ("A Suitcase of Love") of Sheridan letting us snoop in her suitcase.

SCORE: If we were to see you doing everyday things in Las Vegas, what would you be wearing?
Sheridan: I would probably be wearing tight yoga pants, sports bra, and tank top. I'm always working out. I think workout clothes are sexy!

SCORE: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?
Sheridan: I prefer a two-piece. I have a hard time finding tops that actually fit my tits and not just cover my nipples.

SCORE: Do you wear very high heels all the time?
Sheridan: Yes, I do! I even wear high heel sneakers when I workout . (Laughs)

SCORE: Do you know how much your boobs weigh?
Sheridan: I get asked often how much they weigh and if they hurt my back. They are 3 1/2 pounds apiece. I have had big boobs since I was nine. So my back is used to them and I work out all the time to keep my back muscles strong.

SCORE: What position do you sleep in?
Sheridan: I sleep on my sides. It's impossible to sleep on my stomach.

Thank you, Sheridan.

Our chat continues in the pictorial of this scene.

See More of Sheridan Love at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-27 14:30 - Sofia Rivera - Fuckin' Meditation
Fuckin' Meditation Fuckin' Meditation

Sofia talks a bit about going into a state of meditation during really good sex. But we don't know how that's possible. Doesn't meditation mean sitting around doing nothing? Sofia isn't doing that. She's moaning and panting while she gets hammered and her titties bounce around on her tight body.

Sofia's a yoga instructor and personal trainer who wants some cash for a trip to Europe at the end of the year. Well, we help out young amateurs in need of cash all the time. Sofia's different, though. Most girls are brave when they're clothed, but lose confidence when we get them naked and spread. Sofia's confidence rocketed when she started sucking our stud's cock, and went through the roof when he slammed his big dick into her tight, little pussy.

See More of Sofia Rivera at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


2014-Sep-26 14:30 - Lana Ivans - Lana Cums, Naturally
Lana Cums, Naturally Lana Cums, Naturally

Busty and Lusty Lana Ivans is a little SCORE vixen who quickly made the leap from solo modeling to boy-girl and girl-girl and she did it with her own special brand of Euro-sultriness, kittenish personality and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Her sexy body adorned in bra and panties, brunette Lana introduces herself in the opener and gives us an eyeful. She's short and stacked, curvy but not heavy, with lovely muscle tone and perky, beautifully shaped tits. Her fuck friend enters and Lana gives it up as he begins sucking her nipples.

Lana gets on her knees to engulf his cock, jacking the shaft with her right hand and sucking the head while she pinches her left nipple with the left hand. He places his hand on her head and lowers it to get his boner deep into her hot mouth.

Lana sucks beautifully, only slightly gagging as the sausage fills her mouth and throat. The girl can take a big one. They begin their carnal coupling with Lana sitting on him like a lap dancer, the pole making headway inside her sweet va-jay-jay. This dude should be mailing us thank you cards for the gift SCORE has bestowed upon him!

See More of Lana Ivans at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


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